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Message from Secretary

Message from Secretary

Dear members of ASU,
I am pleased to write this first newsletter as Hon. Secretary of ASU. As you are all aware ASU is the first Zonal chapter started in 1989. My predecessor office bearers have done marvelous work to shape our ASU as one of the best zonal chapters regarding membership strength, financial status, academic and charity activities.

We have now close to 1400 members in our association and the numbers are going to increase. I am happy that our members are doing extremely well in academic activities not only in our homeland but also abroad. Many things need to be done in the future. The recent pandemic has brought the remote learning in the forefront with many of our academic programs being held on online platforms. In the present digital era, knowledge available to us is growing at an exponential rate and we as humans have limited ability to understand and assimilate all the knowledge. This has led to the concept of subspecialisation and Urological Society of India has recently started the subspecialty sections.

I am sure this sort of confined learning will not only improve the patient care, but also keep us in the forefront of academic research. We are second to none in the world in hard work, dedication and in acquiring new skills. But we are lagging in original research. I suggest to our members to come forward with multicenter research proposals under ASU. I request all the members to send their publications (abstracts) which can be put in our website for the benefit of our members.

Wishing you the very best,

Dr Surya Prakash Vaddi
Secretary, Association of Southern Urologists

Dr. V. Surya Prakash