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Membership Guidelines

Membership Guidelines


There shall be following category of members.

  • Full Members:

    Full members shall be qualified Urologists engaged in active practice of urology in South India. These full members who migrate places other than South India will go in to a category of affiliated members.

  • Associate members:

    Associate members shall be Urology post graduates undergoing training at recognized institution in South India. Other registered medical practitioners of Modern Medicine (Allopathy) who are interested in fostering relationship and furtherance of Urological progress in South India.

  • Affiliated members:

    Affiliated members shall be qualified Urologists engaged in active practice of Urology in areas other than South India.

Rights of Members

  • Only full members have the right to vote.
  • Only full members shall become office bearers of the Association.
  • All classes of members shall have the right to attend any scientific proceedings of the Association.
  • Amendments, 2004

  • All the authors of papers to be presented at the Annual Conference should be members of ASU except non-Urologists.
  • Papers at South Zone conference will be presented only by member of the South Zone chapter. Outsiders will have to become Affiliated Members if they have to present paper and participate in the Conference. This will apply to qualified Urologists only.
  • Good papers and posters presented at the State Conferences of the member state are to be invited at ASU conferences and the authors should also be the members of ASU.

Cessation of Membership

  • Any member may resign from his membership at any time by serving a notice in writing to the Secretary. Such resignation shall not relieve the member from the responsibility to pay any dues to the Association prior to ceasing to be a member.
  • The Council shall have the right to terminate the membership or alter the class of any individual member even after election, if it is subsequently found that material facts supplied in the application were incorrect.
  • The Council shall have the powers to terminate the membership of any member
  • Who have been found guilty of unprofessional behaviour or of working against the interest of the Association provided that members concerned is offered full opportunity to present his case to the Council and provided that in case of termination of membership, the latter is confirmed at the Annual General Body Meeting by two third majority of members present.
  • Who have defaulted in paying the Association dues for over a period.
  • Subscription

    The subscription shall be as follows:

    • Full Members (Life Subscription) Rs. 200.00
    • Affiliated Members (Life Subscription) Rs. 200.00
    • Associate Members (Annual) Rs. 50.00
    • (Amendment, 2006). With effect from 2006, the membership fee is Rs.2,000.00 for all categories of members