Dear friends, Seasons greetings to all of you!
2021 has started on a positive note with the the global launch of covid vaccine. I am sure most of you have got the first shot and as this goes into press many would have got their second shot as well. We are hopeful in due course of time we will be heading towards academic and social interactions in the physical format and meeting each other like we always did. The ASU office is doing its best in liaison with the organising team of bangalore to organise a physical annual meeting.
I have chosen ‘reflections’ as the theme for my truncated tenure. The inspiration behind this theme is the rather extended period of interruption in our lives last year, offering many of us the opportunity to pause, ponder and prepare for a new world order. During this period, we propose to reflect on certain basics in disease management, be it the cause, diagnosis or the treatment. The first of the programs in the 2021 ASU calendar will be looking at the tools of the trade - the endoscope, without which we are glorified general surgeons. This well crafted council member activity of AP & Telengana state is organised by our dynamic entrepreneur Dr.Chandramohan. This workshop is aimed primarily at the greenhorn urologist, to give him tips to start a freelance practice and how to preserve, protect and prepare the endoscope in his practice. There will be elements of education which will be useful to our partners in the theatre as well. We will also have a recurring workshop module to hone our members in the art & etiquette of conducting oneself during scientific sessions be it a chair person or a moderator. Continuing on the theme of reflections, I have proposed we have a closer look at the dilemma of LUTS and conduct a multi institutional pilot study on certain epidemiological aspects of this confounding clinical problem. We continue to use guidelines developed by AUA and EAU for a disease that could be different in our population and certainly demands inquisition for rational management.

Look forward to interesting times…
President, ASU

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Message From Hon.Secretary

Dear ASU Colleagues, Warm Greetings to all.

It gives me immense pleasure to address you as the Secretary of ASU. I thank you all for having already given me an opportunity to serve you as the Treasurer between 2014-16 and Secretary elect with additional charge as Treasurer between 2018-20. We as an association have grown leeps and bounds ever since our inception. Now have more than 1300 members.Every year we have reveiwed ourselves and improved our academic activities, strengthened our constitution and updated our records, I also assure you I would continue to give my best for the association in my tenure.

In this newsletter we have given you the brief calendar of activities for this year, information regarding the abstracts for the next conference, nominations, applications for the various posts and honours of the association and the upcoming events.The recently concluded 31st annual conference was conducted wonderfully on a virtual platform. Thanks for all the Patience, support and cooperation you have given to the association in this tough covid period. Hope this pandemic will settle down and we would meet offline soon..

Yours in service of the Association,

Dr G Chengalvarayan

Secretary, Association of Southern Urologists