Trust you and your family have preserved your health during the extended period of global pandemic. My heart goes out to those of you who have lost their kith and kin and prayers for early recuperation. It is painful to learn many of you suffered the infection despite the full course of vaccination but heartening to note majority have returned to clinical work.
It has been a humbling and novel experience for me to complete my presidential term sans the joy of physically meeting colleagues. I formally took up office after the GBM in December 2020 receiving the customary ASU presidential medal from the incumbent Dr. Nitin Kekre via a courier from Vellore. We had sailed successfully past the first wave of covid and were looking forward to a normal life post vaccination which was initiated in January. It is unfortunate our nation suffered a disastrous 2nd wave at a great human cost and we survived troubled times. Consequently, our organisational functioning too had to be restructured as per prevailing restrictions and ASU resigned to an extended period of virtual functioning. I must congratulate the entire fraternity for supporting the ASU team and accepting our decisions wholeheartedly. I commend my fellow council members for working in unison and spiritedly to preserve both administrative and academic activity.
We encountered many a hiccough during this period and the conduct of the GBM and elections was in limbo because of disrupted functioning in the office of the registrar of society on account of the pandemic lockdown as well as a change in the state government. Our secretary Dr. Chengalvarayan worked tirelessly to secure the permission for a virtual GBM at the proverbial eleventh hour. As we battled with deadlines and the modus operandi for the president elect elections, one of the two contestants gracefully withdrew. This selfless act endorses my belief in the spirit of camaraderie and sacrifice that exists amongst our colleagues, attributes vital for preserving unity and growth of any organisation.
Our annual meeting scheduled from 6th august 2021 promises to offer something different from the flood of webinars we are witness to over the last 15 months. There is something of interest to everyone and i urge you to register and participate with the same vigor as if it were a physical event.
I am grateful to all of you for giving me this opportunity to serve the zone and I thank my council for sparing your time and energy for council meetings, accepting critical decisions after debate and wholeheartedly supporting all activities during my term, the work horse of ASU is the secretary, it is to the credit of Dr. Chengalvarayan for rising to the task and doing it commendably. I welcome Dr.Mallikarjuna Reddy the incoming president and wish him good luck and success in his office.

Look forward to interesting times…
President, ASU

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Message From Hon.Secretary

Dear ASU Colleagues, Warm Greetings to all.

Thank you for your patience on " when shall we meet " in this crucial year of only virtual expressions. The ASU continued its regular activities on the web platform this year. We conducted two webinars and one chairperson workshop this year.Apart from that a few improvements like getting a webplatform of our own, creating a pool of chairpersons and speakers from the representative states and to also calling for applicants to host the ASU travelling fellowship program every year. At this juncture I should thank My President Dr.M.Ganesh Kamath for the trust he had in me and liberty which i was able to work for the ASU. The everpleasing look and the support of the council was one of the keys in completing this successful year. As you know this year the SZUSICON 2021 if fully organized by the ASU. We have given our best to organize a good conference with appreciable scientific content and if possible a few nonscientific light show as well. We look forward to all your support for now and the future

Yours in service of the Association,

Dr G Chengalvarayan

Secretary, Association of Southern Urologists